• Monthly Yoga Assists Workshop

  • Learn the principles of giving powerful, safe, and transformational yoga asana assists. Developing sensitivity to directing prana (life force energy) in asana can transform your practice as a teacher and student. Instead of focusing on learning the so-called “correct assist" for each pose, learn the principles that will empower you to create, improvise, and customize assists safely and effectively.

    Yoga teachers and longtime students will benefit from these workshops.

    “If we experience asana as an unfolding continuum of interconnection, the assist will lead us seamlessly into and out of each asana.”
    —David Life

    $35 in advance.
    $40 day of.

  • Yoga Assists: A Complete Visual & Inspirational Guide To Yoga Asana Assists by Sharon Gannon & David Life

  • In this book, world renowned Jivamukti Yoga practitioners Sharon Gannon and David Life use the word “assist” to communicate the idea that in yoga there are actually two beings interacting together on various levels of consciousness to foster a decrease in avidya, “mis-knowing,” and an increase in vidya, or the “knowing” principle.

    Through this book, with the "assistance" of Sharon and David, practitioners will deepen their understanding of the fundamental principles of yoga assists and apply them in practice and in service to others.

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  • David Life's Yoga Adjustment Videos

    Yoga Adjustment (Yoga Assists) videos from Jivamukti Yoga co-creator David Life. Complete set covers nearly 50 yoga poses!