• Ashtanga Schedule at Jivamukti Yoga NYC

    Led Ashtanga Primary Series all students start at same time **

    Saturday 9:30am-11:00am

    Mysore Ashtanga Classes: students practicing regularly can start or end without assistance, others start anytime, but must finish when teacher ends *

    Monday - Friday studio opens at 6:45am | teacher assists from 7am-9:20am | studio closes at 9:35am.
    Sunday studio opens at 7:45am | teacher assists from 8am-10am | studio closes at 10:20am.

    Note: Mysore Ashtanga classes are cancelled on Full Moon and New Moon days. See schedule below for upcoming classes.

  • Mysore Style Ashtanga

  • * Mysore Style Ashtanga is an elegantly designed sequence of breath-initiated postures, taught individually in a group setting, the way it is taught in Mysore, India by the Sri K. Pattabhi Jois family. As students learn and internalize the sequence, mastering challenges and following the pace of their own breathing, they are taught new postures as appropriate, and their practice is deepened by sensitive hands-on adjustments from the teacher. There is a quiet, meditative serenity in the practice room that enhances this process. Although the sequence is universal, its approach may vary according to specific needs. This creates the opportunity for a tailored practice typically only offered through private lessons, with the benefit of the energy, community, and shared cost of a group class.

    ** Led Ashtanga This class covers the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, counted with the traditional vinyasa as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. The class will be led through half primary (navasana), after which the teacher may determine a natural stopping point for the majority of the class. If this occurs, students who know the full primary series and wish to practice further may complete their practice "mysore style", with assistance from the teacher, while the others will be guided through the traditional closing poses.

    New students can start to practice Ashtanga Yoga at any time of the month in the Mysore classes. Ideally, they should begin at anytime between 7-8am. The first day, new students will start learning the breathing-movement system (vinyasa) via the Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) and usually will have about 45 minutes practice. To best understand the system, it is recommended that new students sign up for minimum of one week, at an introductory price of $45. After that, an ongoing monthly commitment of a minimum of 2-3 times a week is necessary for maintaining consistency in learning and safety.

  • Ashtanga Yoga Class Prices

    These prices are only for Mysore Ashtanga Classes and can not be used for Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior, Jivamukti Open or Jivamukti Basic classes. 

  • PackagePricePurchase
    One Week Trial $45
    6 Month Pass $175/monthcontact us
    1 Month Pass $200
    12 Class Pack $180
    Drop in $22
  • Our Teachers

  • Lori Brungard

    Lori Brungard is a seasoned teacher who has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 25 years. She began her yoga practice in 1988 with Sharon Gannon. In 1996, she travelled to Mysore for the first time, where Sharon and David introduced her to Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. She completed the yearlong certification in Jivamukti Yoga in 1999, and then returned to Mysore to continue her studies with her beloved guruji, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, returning over 14 times, to spend over a year studying with him. She now holds an Authorized Level 2 teaching certificate through KPJAYI. She has contributed an essay about her experiences practicing in Mysore with Guruji to the recent book, Strength and Grace, a collection of essays by women of Ashtanga Yoga, available directly from Lori in class, and through ekaminhale.com. She is full of gratitude for the path towards light that has been shown her by Sharon, David, and Guruji.

    Lori is an Adjunct Lecturer of yoga in the Dance Department at Hunter College, where she developed a curriculum for a course in the Ashtanga Yoga system. As co-director of Ashtanga Yoga Shala from 2002-2007, she developed courses as resources for serious students and teachers.

    Through her ten-year career in dance, Lori learned a deep awareness of human anatomy. Her work as a Thai Yoga therapist has added an energetic component to this understanding. Her skills as a teacher lay both in her sensitive hands-on adjustments and her ability to see underlying causes of challenges, and thus how to create change. To deepen and broaden her knowledge, Lori completed Richard Freeman’s teachers’ intensive in 2012, studied Sanskrit with Vyaas Houston and M. Jayashree, and has been studying therapeutic applications of yoga with the Mohan family since 2011. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice at City College.

    "Lori is without a doubt, one of the best teachers of yoga that I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. Her body intelligence and ability to convey it verbally is nearly unmatched.  Throw in the fact that her sense of humor, compassion and patience make her approachable, and what you have are some very lucky students." - Lauren Cahn 

    For more info: ashtangasadhana.com or Facebook: ashtanga.sadhana

  • Adam Wade

    Adam Wade combines softness and strength in his life and his yoga practice. He is a long time student of yoga master of R. Sharath Jois at the renowned Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India, and holds a level 2 KPJAYI authorization. In New York he has studied with KPJAYI-Certified teachers Eddie Stern of Ashtanga Yoga New York and Sharmila Desai. Adam teaches private sessions in New York and has taught at retreats in locations around the world, including the recent the Namarupa Himalaya Yatra.

  • Opening Mantra

  • Opening Prayer

    I bow to the lotus feet of the Gurus
    The awakening happiness of one's own Self revealed,
    Beyond better, acting like the Jungle physician,
    Pacifying delusion, the poison of samsara

    Taking the form of a man to the shoulders,
    Holding a conch, a discus, and a sword,
    One thousand heads white
    To Patanjali, I salute.

  • Closing Prayer

    May all be well with mankind.
    May the leaders of the earth protect in every way by keeping the right path.

    May there be goodness for those who know the earth to be sacred.
    May all the worlds be happy.