• A state of the art experience in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tuning: The Jivamukti In-Class-Private

  • The Jivamukti Yoga In-Class-Private

    In the comfort of the hands of a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, you are guided in each and every movement during the experience of a Jivamukti Yoga class. The teacher's hands almost never leave your body, skillfully making minor and major adjustments to the physical form. Whether sitting, standing or in a vinyasa flow your body is energetically moved into alignment.

    It is not just the physical form which benefits from this superb treatment. Often psychological blockages prevent us from truly experiencing the bliss inherent in asana practice. Sometimes no matter how long we practice or how hard we try, it seems that we cannot break through to the next level. With the guidance and trusting relationship created in an ICP, anxiety, fear, and lack of self confidence disappear and major breakthroughs occur. The experience is as therapeutic as a full body massage, releasing blocked energy that inhibits freedom of movement. The result: The best yoga class you have ever taken!